5-year-old boy has bypassed Microsoft Xbox Password system

Kristoffer Von Hassel is a five year old boy and he have managed to bypass the Microsoft Xbox password system!  And now he got the security acknowledgement by the Microsoft.

Kristoffer Von Hassel have found this vulnerability in Xbox live and his parents have found that he is logged into his father’s Xbox account using just space bar!

When his father have asked how Kristoffer Von Hassel have actually did this then he told his father that first of all he added the wrong password and then simply he have pressed the spacebar and got the access to his Xbox account !

Well, spacebar was the backdoor of the Xbox live system and it was there for the testers and they forgot to remove the backdoor from the Xbox.

After knowing this issue Kristoffer’s father have reported the vulnerability to the Microsoft and then the Microsoft gave the security acknowledgement to the Kristoffer Von Hassel :)