Hack Facebook passwords-Facebook hacker software [for n00b]

you want to hack your friend’s Facebook or Gmail account  right ? if yes then you are at the right place. You might have read somewhere that “use this software/tool to hack Facebook/Gmail account”  Many people have published their posts about Facebook hacking software in blogger and they have also uploaded the videos on YouTube that use this tool to hack the Facebook account.
The steps of that type of tutorials would be.
Download the tool
Run that tool
Enter your email id and password
And enter target Facebook email and no of passwords to try
And your target account is hacked !

Do you think this technique works ? Do you think Facebook is F**king stupid ? The truth behind that kind of the tool is that you are being hacked by hackers. They are simply providing you the spyware tools/keylogger. And your account will be hacked.

The truth behind Facebook account hacker tool

There is nothing called Facebook account hacker tool, and you cant hack any account without the mistakes of the victim. If you have downloaded that kind of tool them simply scan your computer with the antiviruses or format your computer. The aim of this kind of tools is to hack the n00b hackers don't  think like n00b , think like security expert.
Then how can you hack the Facebook account ?
There is Three ways to hack Facebook passwords
1. Using Phishing
2. Using Keylogger 
3. Using backtrack

So if you have any question about this article then feel free to ask :) 

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