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How to Buy domain name with Google

Google have recently launched their new service named Google Domains and from now you will be able to purchase domain from Google. But this service is not for everyone! You should have Google Domain invitation code to access Google Domain.

How to buy domain names with Google Domains.

Buy domain names from google

After having Google Domain Invitation code you will be able to register domain names with Google.

Now suppose that you got your Google Domain invitation code and now what ?

Now, you can easily register your domain names with Google and you can also transfer your domain to Google Domains.

Let me show you how you can register your domain name with Google.

1. Open Domains.google.com
2. Now enter your Google Domain invitation code.
3. Now search for new domain name.

buy domain name from google
4. Now Simply click on add to cart and then click on proceed to checkout.
5. Fill the form.
Buying domain name with google
6. Now if you want to hide your info. i mean you want to make your info. private then you have to choose the first option in privacy else public is cool.

7. Now click on continue and then simply choose payment method. You can pay via visa card or credit card, online banking option is still not available there.

8. Now you are done.

Congratulations! you have bought domain name with google and you also got the awesome features with that domain.

Capture screenshot of long webpages

Have you ever tried to capture screenshot of long web pages and you had no idea that how can you take screenshot of long web pages ? in this tutorial you will learn how to take screenshot of long web pages.

How to take screenshot of long web pages

How to take full snapshot of any web pages

In this tutorial you will learn to take a screenshot of screen which is not visible i mean to see that part of the website you have to scroll down. and using this tool you can easily take screenshot of whole long web page.

Basically its a firefox addon.

Awesome Screen shot plus

just open above link and then simply install that addon and you don’t need to restart your browser!

Then you will be able to see its icon in firefox browser.
there will be three option named

1. capture visible part
2. capture full part
3. discover similar site

simply select the 2nd option and then it will take a snapshot of full web page and then save it! and you have done!

Web Application penetration testing with Suruji

If you are new in the Web Application Penetration testing/Information security and looking for a good source to learn web application penetration testing and want to participate in the bug bounty programs then i am going to introduce one of the best web application penetration testing course online.

Web Application penetration testing with Suruji 
Web Application Penetration testing with Suruji. In this web application penetrating course you will learn all the fundaments of web application penetration testing with practical examples. This web application penetration testing also includes the real life examples of bugs and its proof of concepts.

This video series is made by well known information security researcher and penetration tester Atul Shedage. He have been awarded by big internet companies like Google, Facebook, Palpal, Twitter, Yahoo, Magento, Apple, Etsay, redhat, Freelancer Microsoft and many more.

In this web application penetration testing you will learn all the things from the very basis from http post and get methods to logical vulnerabilities. After this course you don’t need any other tools to find vulnerabilities you will find the vulnerabilities manually wit the help of Suruji Basics Of Web Application Penetration Testing course.

You will learn OWASP top 10 vulnerabilities which includes following top 10 vulnerabilities.

In the injection you will learn SQL injection and html injection from very basic to advance level. It also includes how you can bypass login page with the help of MySql injection. You will learn union based SQL injection, Blind SQL injection and header based sql injection. It also include 2 Proof of concepts where he have found SQL injection vulnerability.

Broken Authentication and Session Management
It includes authentication bypass using bruteforce attack. And you will also learn username enumeration.

Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)
You will learn xss from very basic like its impact and where it can be found. This course will explain how you can find cross site scripting vulnerability and there are three types of XSS vulnerabilities and its explained well in this course. Moreover you will learn how you can easily bypass XSS filters.

Insecure Direct Object References
It holds the 4th position on OWASP top 10 vulnerabilities and in this video training session you will learn how to easily find insecure direct object reference vulnerability.

ClickJacking Vulnerability
It also known as UI redress attack. You will learn ClickJacking vulnerability from very basis and how an attacker can trick the user to perform unwanted actions.

Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF)
CSRF vulnerability also known as XSRF vulnerability. You will from very basis what is CSRF vulnerability. In this video you will learn How you can find CSRF vulnerability with tools and mozilla firefox addon and how you can bypass the CSRF token easily. More over you will learn how to find sub domains of the particular web application, How to create your own Google dorks to find vulnerabilities easily and many more things.

Actual price of this amazing course is $99 but being Hack for security's reader i will give you 50% discount. You can get this course just in $50!! join this course from following link.

Author’s Note:
If you are new in the information security field and you want to make it your carrier then i highly recommend this course. You will learn everything in just 3 hours. Its value for money course and stop wasting your precious time and join Suruji Web application course and make money through BugBounty programs.

Researchers Get $11,171 for reporting multiple vulnerability to eBay Magento eCommerce web application

Magento eCommerce was vulnerable to many critical vulnerabilities like XSS, CSRF, SQL and many more vulnerabilities so, they have started bug bounty program to secure their web applications.
Indian security researcher named Atul Shedage have found multiple XSS and CSRF vulnerabilities in the Magento eCommerce.  He was the very first security researcher to find and report these vulnerabilities. He have reported these vulnerabilities through Bugcrowd.

He has already been acknowledged by most famous companies like Google, Facebook, Apple and many more! He got 14th rank in the Bugcrowd and he have reported more then 50 bugs through Bugcrowd.

He have reported these bugs on 12th march 2014 and he got bounty on 20 April 2014 so the details of his findings is not thorough. You can check out the snapshot.